Missouri Wheelchairs

Very affordable wheelchairs made with precision and care. Here you can find some of the highest quality wheelchairs and pick from a huge collection of various products.

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Our Services

We are offering various services, mainly we are selling quality wheelchairs. We also have some unique wheelchairs that we specially made for our clients.

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Selling Wheelchairs

This is one of our main goal that we have started with. We have a huge collection of wheelchairs that are completely assembled and ready to be used when someone purchases them.

Custom Wheelchair

Making is a new thing that we got into recently because we had a lot of customers asking for some custom-made wheelchairs. Therefore, we listened to them and opened up a new section.

Wheelchair Repair

This is one of the first services that we have provided to all of our customers. Whenever a wheelchair that you bought here gets broken, we will fix it for you.

Why Us

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose us, one of them being that we are the best wheelchair shop. We are selling only the highest quality wheelchairs and we are also making custom designs.



Danny Stevens

I was looking for a custom-made wheelchair for a long time now and I never had the luck to find a shop that would do it and when I found the Missouri shop I was extremely happy


Dale Henry

One of the greatest wheelchair shops that I have ever visited. They have a very big collection of wheelchairs I almost didn’t know which one to pick out.


Vincent Kennedy

I must thank everyone at the Missouri wheelchairs for helping me with everything. They were extremely helpful and friendly at all times. I will definitely visit them again.

Our Wheelchairs

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    Transport Wheelchairs are one of the most basic wheelchairs that we have in our collection and they are the cheapest.
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    Manual Wheelchairs are one of the most popular types of wheelchairs that we have. They are perfect for younger people that don’t have trouble to move manually.
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    Bathroom Wheelchairs are a unique thing that everyone that uses a wheelchair must have because it makes all the things in the bathroom much easier.
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    Sports Wheelchairs are the perfect choice for people that want to get into some type of sport such as basketball. They are very durable and made out of high-quality material.

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