About us

We are a company that is mainly focusing on manufacturing and selling wheelchairs. We are located in Jacksonville, IL so if you are living in this region give us a visit we will be very happy. Our company was founded almost a decade ago, the CEO of the company is Thomas R. Wray. We are also doing some custom work for our customers if they want to get a specially made wheelchair with their design. Our shop in Jacksonville has one of the biggest collections of wheelchairs. If you need some repairs done on your wheelchair, feel free to visit us anytime and we will fix it.


Meet Our Team

  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    Michael Brown is our Mechanic and his job is to repair all the wheelchairs that we get broken from our customers. He is very good at his job.
  • Tom Davis

    Tom Davis

    Tom Davis is the Designer/builder and his job is to design all the custom ordered wheelchairs using the ideas from customers and also to put them together when the parts arrive.
  • Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson is our Team Manager his job may sound easy but actually, he needs to keep this entire place together and make sure that the other employees are doing their job correctly.